8 march 2012  

The brand new, Costa de Fuego Festival is Maraworld’s - the organisers of FIB, newest project. A festival devoted to the most energetic rock, hardcore and metal genres. The line up will see the cohabitation of first class acts, renowned artists and up and coming bands, both national and international.

The legendary Los Angeles band lead by Axl Rose, Guns N´ Roses and the infamous Goth rockers Marilyn Manson, are the headliners for Year 1 of Costa de Fuego, the new festival devoted to hard rock. It will be held at the Benicàssim concert venue on July 20th and 21st 2012 featuring 3 stages and over 50 acts.

Two-day tickets include 4 days free camping from Thursday July 18th to Sunday 22nd. The campsite is located in the natural setting of the Las Palmas desert and is close and well connected to the beaches and village centre.

Maraworld wants to put its experience as a musical venue organizer, in which customer service has always been a priority, to the use in such a popular, driven and demanding music sector, projecting the same enthusiasm and drive it has shown since 1995. Maraworld knows the trappings of setting up a new festival but at the same time it is committed to this project and certain of its ability to help develop a music scene in need of new challenges, new adventures and firm support.

Costa de Fuego will count on the facilities, equipment and production values Maraworld is well known for and which made them the leaders in this sector both, on a national and international level; a guaranteed recipe for success in this new enterprise.

We will be embracing a 30,000 capacity and there will be 5.000  two day tickets - with 4 days free camping -  available at the special price of £ 70. Once these have been sold, the price will be £ 90 for two day tickets.

More information and sales at costadefuego.com

Guns N´Roses

Created  in Los Angeles in the mid 80’s, the band, lead by singer Axl Rose released its debut album in 1987 ‘Appetite for Destruction’ and was a masterpiece that placed hard rock back in the spotlight. Knockout guitar riffs and solos, huge melodies and the characteristic forcefulness of the genre made songs such as ‘Sweet Child O´Mine’,  ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ or ‘Paradise City’ into anthems. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until one year later that the album started selling by the cartload. These songs and an exhilarating live act  turned Guns n´ Roses into rock and roll’s greatest promise  and later became one of the most influential and infamous bands of all time.
From that point on, the original line-up began to dismember. First Adler, then Stradlin and in the meantime three albums –‘G n´ R Lies’ (1988), ‘Use your Illusion I’ (1991) and ‘Use your Illusion II’ (1991)- of which only ‘Use your Illusion I’ comes close to matching the excellence of their debut. In 1993 ‘The Spaghetti Incident?’ saw the light, covers of classic punk songs revisited with unequal fortunes. From ‘New Rose’ by The Dammned to ‘Raw Power’ by The Stooges.
In 1996 Slash officially left  the band, rumoured to have due to stylistic differences with Axl Rose.
At the end of 2008 and with over 13 million dollars spent on its production, Axl Rose’s ‘Chinese Democracy’ is released. The singer’s great opus which, according to several sources, he began to conceive in 1994.
This years inclusion of Guns ‘n Roses in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame acknowledges the merits of the outstanding career of the angeleno band.

Marilyn Manson

The self-proclaimed ‘God of F**k’ is heading to Spain this year for Maraworlds 1st metal and rock festival.
Alternative, heavy metallers, Marilyn Manson, have long been metals goth, shock rockers that take the very boundaries of metal and push them that little bit further, some might say over the edge.

Since the bands inception in the late 80’s Marilyn Mansons wonderfully, frightfully, obscene and beautiful music has been taken into the bosom of metal fans around the world.
Their name, taken from cult idols Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson, has long been associated with shocking and some might say offensive performances, much to the upset of many religious groups.  This only adds fuel to the fire and increases the popularity of the band selling over 60 million albums.

7 albums down, 3 Grammy nominations, a string of past band members, a truck load of covers and more controversy than the devil himself, Marilyn Manson are one of the   headliners for year1 Costa De Fuego.
Marilyn Manson are not for the faint hearted. You’ll never see any band like it, for intensely crafted songs performed within a stunning stage show with all the tortured beauty of grotesque theatre.

With the 8th album out in 2012 it will be with baitted breath we wait to see just what headline show Marilyn Manson will bring to Costa de Fuego on a balmy evening in July.
Benicassim, brace yourself; the Antichrist Superstar is expecting you!

Guns N´Roses
Marilyn Manson
Guns N´ Roses
Marilyn Manson
Lacuna Coil
Berry Txarrak
Cancer Bats
We Are The Ocean
Steel Horse
3 stages
50 acts
(5.000 earlybird tickets)
2 day ticket + 4 days free camping = £ 70
(next price: £ 90)

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